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Worship:  Team Leader: Lynne Westmoreland
Team Members: Gretchen Lewis, Terri Ferber,

Ivett Garza, Dan Wolfe, Carole Jackson, Donna Kagan,

Coordinate Service Leaders: BJ Rolli

Coordinate Chalice Keepers: Gretchen Lewis

Prepare orders of service: Carole Jackson

Copy orders of service: Bill Weiner

Coordinate Ushers: John Seitz

Coordinate Sharing of Abundance Speakers:

Anne McCusker and Erin Woodsome

Music Editor: Frank Kelly


Membership:  Team Leaders: Helene Kirschbaum and

Jan Droegkamp

Team Members: Andrea Coburn, Karen Gammons, Gretchen Lewis, Myra Symons, Gail Newstein

Maintains database Karen Gammon

Orders Nametags   Barbara Woodson

Coordinate Greeters: Doris Pailet

Care Team:  Team Leaders: Becky Love and Judi Bessett

Members: Lorraine Connors, Tom Connors, Andrea Coburn, Gretchen Lewis, Marcia Wolfe, Ginger Ryan

Birthday Card Coordinator: Joan Sheppard

Card Senders: Connie Stanley, Diane Carlin, Doris Pailet

Fun and Friendship: Team Leader: Erin Woodsome

Hilda and Andy Lucas, Bon Thomen


Building and Grounds/Gardenkeepers:

Team Leader: Suzanne Seitz

Team Members: Dan and Marcia Wolfe, John Seitz,

Anne and Tim McCusker, Bruce Twiss, Joyce Mills,

Helen Dohn, Jerry Slosser, Peggy Roberts,

Karen Gammons, Secretary

Plumbing Repair: Bruce Andrews


Communications: Team Leader: John Seitz

Prepare/send Timetable: Oscar Smalls, Trish Schwartzberg,

Myra Symons

Maintain Calendar: Bon Thomen, Myra Symons

Website: Oscar Smalls, Myra Symons

Constant Contact Messages: Trish Schwartberg,

Karen Gammons

Pick Up Mail: Barbara Woodson

Pick up phone messages/monitor emails: John Seitz

Facebook Page: Linda Starkweather


IT/AV: Team Leaders: Dan Wolfe and Ivett Garza

Team Members: Helene Kirschbaum, Myra Symons, Frank Kelly, Bon Thomen, Maria Kelly, Marcia Wolfe, Tim and Anne McCusker, Oscar Smalls

Set Up Zoom Chats: Helene Kirschbaum, Bon Thomen

Nominating Team: BJ Rolli, Helene Kirschbaum and Tim McCusker

Reopening Task Force: Team Leader: Judi Bessette

Team Members: Anne McCusker, Sara Reagan, Bruce Twiss, Ginger Ryan

Social Justice: Team Leader: Joyce Mills

Team Members: Becky Love, Gail Newstein, Dan Wolfe, Marcia Wolfe, Ginger Ryan, Carole Clark, Jane Rife, John Rife

Food Pantry Donations:  Becky Love

Dallas Community:  Carole Clarke

Welcoming Congregation: Lead: Gail Newstein

Members: Andrea Coburn, Myra Symons, Joyce Mills, Jerry Slosser, Resource Person: Helen Dohn


Transition Team: Facilitator: Cindy Grossman

Team Members: Fred Lorch, Myra Symons, Larry Cooper, Steve Burt, Sara Reagan, Andrea Coburn


Finance: Team Leader: Tom Murphy

Team Members: Terri Ferber, BJ Rolli , Larry Cooper, Fred Lorch, Maria Kelly


Stewardship: Team Leader: Marjorie Rhem

Team Members:  Joyce Axelson-Lorch, Maria Kelly,

Erin Woodsome, Helen Dohn


Music Director Search Team:

Team Leader:  Tim McCusker

Team Members: Peggy Roberts, Jolyn Joslin


Board of Trustees

President: Nancy Garrison,

Vice President: Suzanne Seitz

Secretary: Carole Jackson

Treasurer: Jake Bishop

Trustees: Peggy Roberts, Helene Kirschbaum,

Gail Newstein


Program Council: Suzanne Seitz, Chair as VP

Members: Erin Woodsome, Joyce Mills, Lynne Westmoreland, Marjorie Rhem, Ivett Garza, Tom Murphy, Jan Droegkamp, John Seitz, Helene Kirschbaum, Dan Wolfe

Zoom Share Sessions: Helen Dohn


Choir: Bruce O’Donnell, Paul Collins, Al and Nancy Solberg, Peggy Roberts, Helene Kirschbaum, Gail Newstein, Jerry Slosser, Orvilla Sheller, Sara Ramsay, Trish Scwartzberg, Tim and Anne McCusker, Jolyn Joslin, Myra Symons, Dan and Marcia Wolfe


Interim Minister Search Team: Chair: Tim McCusker

Team Members: Helen Dohn, Gail Newstein, Tom Murphy,   Joyce Mills, John Seitz

Thank you also to all those who served as Service Leaders, Chalice Keepers, Sharers of Abundance, Ushers, Share Sessions Facilitators and Providers of Rides and Meals and to anyone who was inadvertently missed.  It is all of you who enable Tri-County UU to live out its mission.

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