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Through the generosity of our members and friends, Tri-County Unitarian Universalists is able to continue to achieve its goals and foster the Unitarian Universalist principles in Florida. Tri-UU is happy to receive your donation.

Tri-UU is a 501(c)(3) charity, so all these donations are tax-deductible*. 

Here are ways you can participate:


One-time donation/gift – You can send a check to Tri-UU, use PayPal online, or put cash into our offering basket on any given Sunday. A gift can be made for a designated purpose that is in accordance with our mission, vision, and values. Your gift can also be made in honor, celebration, or memory of a loved one.


Annual pledge – Each year, members are required to make a financial pledge. Many friends also pledge to contribute to Tri-UU. The pledges can be paid all at once, weekly, monthly, or however best fits with the donor’s wishes. Pledges can be paid by check, cash, or PayPal. (If you are paying by cash, we’ll need to know your name to make sure we credit your pledge account.) 

For monthly or other regular, recurring payments, an excellent option offered by most banks is to send checks automatically. Just provide our name and mailing address (see below) to your bank and they'll take care of it for you.


Our new payments processor allows for regular payments right here on this link.

(*) Tri-County Unitarian Universalists Fl Inc.
EIN: 59-2319450


Endowments – Tri-UU has an endowment/legacy fund outlined in our bylaws. You can designate Tri-UU as a beneficiary and also make contributions to the fund during your lifetime. Once you include Tri-UU in your inheritance instructions or make a contribution to the endowment fund, you become a member of our Legacy Society. See details below, and for further information, contact Tri-UU members Carole Jackson or Helen Dohn.

Fundraisers – During the year, Tri-UU has various fundraisers. For example, each February, we have a rummage sale, with half of the proceeds going to Social Justice and half helping to pay for operations and maintenance. Other fundraisers include book sales, lectures, and live and silent auctions.


The ABCs of Legacy Giving

  A. Ask what gives meaning to your life and  what legacy will reflect that meaning.

  B. Include a gift to Tri-UU in your will or other estate plans. (Refer to the list below for suggestions.)


  C. Contact: Carole Jackson or Helen Dohn.  

Planned giving is one of the most lasting ways to congregation. It is a statement about your Unitarian Universalist faith and your desire to have a voice in advancing progressive, free religion in Central Florida and beyond. Importantly, your generosity and foresight will help nurture and nourish generations to come.


Future generations will be able to stand tall on your shoulders as they extend their reach to foster Unitarian Universalist values of integrity, compassion, generosity, and service. Gifts will also help secure a solid financial future for our Fellowship.


Establishing a legacy is an intentional act that will leave a lasting legacy in your name that will continue the powerful work of our congregation.

Legacy Giving

  Our Legacy Society was established:


  • To ensure that the Unitarian Universalist faith remains vibrant for future generations, and


  • To build a strong financial foundation upon which to promote our values.


Membership in our Legacy Society is extended to congregational donors who have established a  planned gift to Tri-UU.


And, you don’t have to be a millionaire to make that gift.


Here are some of the ways you can do it:

  • Make a bequest in a will or living trust.

  • Designate Tri-UU as a beneficiary in a retirement plan

  • Name Tri-UU as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy

  • Establish a gift annuity

  • Create a Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Establish a revocable trust


Legacy Society representatives are available to talk about other ways to make a planned gift. Contact Carole Jackson or Helen Dohn

Upon request, we can supply examples of specific language for a bequest.

bob armstrong.jpg


left his imprint on the future of Tri-UU and Unitarian Universalism. His estate provided a generous provision for TRI-UU's's Endowment Fund.

By making a planned gift, you will leave a legacy to benefit future generations. Join    the other members of our Legacy Society: 


Bob and Mary Bargar

Dani and Claire Hunter  

Diane Carlin and Dale Kenton   

Carole Jackson

             Bill and Andrea Coburn              

Howard and Peggy Roberts

MaryEtta Fisher

Jerry Slosser

Doug and Lynn Worthington

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