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SUNDAY SERVICE  (In Person and Virtual via Zoom)


June 4th,  10:30 AM

Knowing the World Through Others’ Stories

Rev. Cynthia Snavely, recorded

Maybe you are not lesbian but you have read Ruby Fruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown.  Maybe you are not black, but you have read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me.   We can never know fully what it means to be in someone else’s skin, but we can begin to understand as we hear one another’s stories.

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Carole Jackson Memorial - Save the Date

 A Memorial Service for TriUU member Carole Jackson will be held at TriUU on Saturday, June 17 at 11:00am in the sanctuary


       FUN & FRIENDSHIP SPECIAL EVENT JUNE 3, 2023, 11:00 a.m.

Join Tri UU members and friends for a trip to the Appleton Museum of Art.

Those attending will view the screening of “Loving Vincent,” the first fully painted feature film and 2018 Academy Award® nominee for ‘Best Animated Feature Film.” The story is depicted in oil-painted animation. A young man comes to the last hometown of painter Vincent van Gogh to deliver the troubled artist’s final letter and ends up investigating his final days there. (1hr 34m, Rated PG13).

Screenings in the Appleton Auditorium are free as part of Free First Saturday. The Appleton Museum of Art is located in the North Central Florida city of Ocala, seven miles east of I-75 on SR 40 (Exit 352) and 62 miles west of I-95 on SR 40 (Exit 268).

Interested attendees will gather for lunch after the screening.  Carpooling is encouraged, for more information: text or call Erin 413 961 9316

Van Gogh.jpg


If you or someone you know in our congregation needs temporary support with rides, meals, errands, or visits, please contact Nancy Garrison or Rev. Cynthia.

Side with Love (from the UUA)


At Tri-UU, we recognize the inherent dignity and worth of transgender people.  We strive to create an environment of respect and understanding. Click the link to learn more about transgender rights and how we can work together to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Tools to help UUs thwart anti-transgender bills and attacks — Side With Love

Book Club Logo

The Tri-UU BOOK CLUB meets at 1:00 via Zoom, Monthly, Contact Nancy Garrison  for the link!

For dates and details check the 2023-2024 Book Club Schedule

Minister-Led Events Multi-Platform

Munch with the Minister Mondays at 12 noon will be held online and in-person in the conference room at TriUU.  Bring lunch with you.

Buddhist Meditation will be held on Wednesdays at 10:00 am  online and in the sanctuary at TriUU.

Women for Women.jpg

Tri-UU Women's Group

"Women for Women" meets on the third Saturday of each month at 2:00pm. For more information contact Nancy Garrison

Featuring Samm & Jeremy Hudson

Accompanied by Justin Adams


A Fundraiser for the Tri-UU

Music Program of Summerfield, FL


What an absolutely magnificent concert was held at Tri-UU in Summerfield this past Saturday! The twenty-seven duets from a broad variety of musicals were never performed better anywhere.


Ms. Samm Hudson and her husband Mr. Jeremy Hudson felt every nuance in the music and beautifully conveyed a wide range of emotions, possibly because they recently were married themselves and their deep ve for each other was clearly felt by all.


Mr. Justin Adams was superb at the piano, as he effortlessly played music originally scored for full orchestra. The music was spectacularly brought alive and every single song was magical.


These people definitely are going places—get their autographs now!


                                                                                      Claire and Dani Hunter

 Retired professional musicians

Rev. Cynthia Snavely


Sunday,  June 4th, 10:30 am, 

Sunday Service.

Wednesdays, 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Buddhist Meditation Session 

My usual day off is Saturday.  Do not fear.  I rearrange my schedule for weddings, memorial services, and congregational events.

Rev. Cynthia Snavely

Interim Minister,

Tri-County Unitarian Universalists


(voice or text)


Rev. Snavely will be away June 19-July 2

Rev. Snavely will be attending Professional Days and General Assembly June 19-25 in Pittsburgh.  She will then take a vacation week the following week June 26-July 2 to see family and friends in Pennsylvania and DC on her way back to Florida.  She may be contacted in an emergency by voice or text at 240-475-2111. In an emergency please do not email as she will not regularly be checking her email feed.

Train of Thought

Our denomination the Unitarian Universalist Association is not a hierarchical denomination led by bishops or a chief rabbi or a founding spiritual teacher.  We are an association of congregations that freely covenant to work together.  The current version of our denominational bylaws declares the purpose of the association; thus, “The Unitarian Universalist Association shall devote its resources to and exercise its corporate powers for religious, educational and humanitarian purposes. The primary purpose of the Association is to serve the needs of its member congregations, organize new congregations, extend and strengthen Unitarian Universalist institutions, and implement its principles.”

Once each year at the end of June, an annual meeting of the denomination called the General Assembly is held.  Member congregations send delegates to vote on the business of the denomination. All certified congregations have one member delegate for every 50 members (or a fraction thereof), with a minimum of two delegates. Every congregation decides how to select member delegates and whether or not it will instruct delegates on how to vote.  There are also other voting delegates.  Ministers, religious educators, ministers emeritus/a, and religious educators emeritus/a of congregations may also vote.  The two associate member organizations of the UUA, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation each also may send two voting delegates.

Just as our congregations have Boards of Trustees to guide the work of our congregations between our annual meetings so does the denomination.  The UUA Board of Trustees is comprised of 16 elected individuals: the Moderator(s), the President (without vote), the Financial Advisor, 11 Trustees, and 2 Youth Trustees. The UUA Moderator or Co-Moderators is/are the Chief Governance Officer(s). They preside at the GA and at meetings of the Board of Trustees. The President or Co-Presidents is/are responsible for overall leadership of the UUA through administering staff and programs that serve the Association’s more than 1,000 member congregations. They also act as principal spokesperson for the UUA.

At this year’s General Assembly delegates will vote for a new President of the Association.  The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt is running in an uncontested election.  You can read her campaign statement here.  Delegates will also vote for  Trustees, Nominating Committee members, and others.  You can read about all the candidates here.   

The vote that has been generating the most interest this year is a first-year vote on a bylaw change. Changing the bylaws is a two-year process.  Article II of the UUA Bylaws is where our current Principles live.  In 2017 the UUA Board committed to establishing an Article II Study Commission to complete a study and offer a revised Article II. You can read more about the commission and the process here.

As well as the business of the association, each year’s UUA General Assembly includes worship services, lectures, and workshops.  While many offerings are only available to people who are registered to attend either in person or virtually, some events will be live-streamed and open to all.  Find more information here.

Lay delegates attending from Tri-County Unitarian Universalists this year are Cindy Grossman and Myra Symons both virtually.

Adult Religious Exploration with the Minister

Would you be interested in participating in adult religious exploration sessions with the minister beginning this fall?  What topic would you prefer?  Unitarian Universalist history?  Building Your Own Theology?  World Religions?  Something else? 

If you are interested please fill out this form noting your interest, your best day and time, whether you prefer in person or Zoom, and anything else you would like to note.   

GA Principals 2023

Discuss Proposed UUA Article II Revisions

Monday, June 5, 12:00noon



On Monday, June 5 the usually open discussion with the minister will be focused on the proposed changes to Article II of the UUA Bylaws, which is where our current Principles and Purposes reside.  To see information on the process and the proposed changes see Article II Study Commission | .

Food bank pic.jpg

Food Bank Project

We are very grateful for your kind donations. They make a difference for many people in need. If you are wondering what items are most needed by the food bank, here is a list of the things they are running low on:

  • Peanut butter

  • Tomato sauce

  • Saltines

  • Chef Boyardee products (ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs, etc.)

  • Dry beans

The food bank will accept monetary donations and gift cards to grocery stores (Please give these donations directly to Linda or Phil   703-203-5463).


If you are a snowbird or know a snowbird who is getting ready to head north, this is the perfect opportunity to clean out cupboards.

june bday.jpg

06/01       Karen Knight

06/01      Joyce MacMullen

06/05     Pamela Leavy

06/06     Bill Welner

06/07     Roger Cooper

06/07     Myra Symons

06/14      Carole Taylor

06/16     Marcia Slosser

06/20    John Seitz

06/22    Paul Collins

06/22    H. Charles Stanley

06/23    Nancy Garrison

Click HERE for your Current Board of Trustees

Click HERE for Minutes from the 2023 Annual Meeting


Click HERE for the minutes of  April 2023

Board of Trustees meeting


Click HERE for our TriUU Community Bulletin Board


Click HERE for the text of select recent sermons. 

Click HERE for our Facebook page for videos of recent services.

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Breast Cancer Thrivers' Support Group

The Zoom meeting of the Breast Cancer Thrivers' support group is on the first Saturday of the month as needed. For information contact Nancy Garrison

June 11, 10:30 AM

Remaking Our Stories/Remaking Ourselves

Rev. Cynthia Snavely,  Recorded


The cast of Hamilton sings, “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?”  For centuries the American story has been told by white men.  Black and brown people and women lived and died without being part of the story.  It is time to change that.  The American story needs to be retold, and in that retelling we will necessarily have to remake ourselves as Americans.  We will be different because of the stories we begin to allow to be told and heard. 

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