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SUNDAY SERVICE  (In Person and Virtual via Zoom)


June 2, 9:00 am 

Rev. Cynthia Snavely 

The Rocks in the Jar 

You may know the story of the philosophy professor’s lesson of rocks, pebbles and sand filling a jar as a representation of our lives but how do we figure out what the rocks-the important things are?  Can you say what the most important things are in your life?

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Join us Tuesday, May 28, at 10:00 a.m. at Shalom Park 7110 SW 80th Ave., Ocala    

The park is a stunning 44-acre botanical garden that features paved trails, small ponds, beautiful lawns, seating areas, statuary, and more than 100 species of plants and trees. Visitors to the park often experience a true feeling of serenity, contentment, joy and inner peace.

 Lunch will follow at AMRIT PALACE Restaurant, 3415 S. W. College Rd., Ocala. 12:30 RSVP to Erin Woodsome (Phone (413) 961-9316 or email if you plan to go, plan to dine with the group at ARMIT’s and if you would like to carpool.

Memorial Service for Janeane Reagan

A memorial service will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake County on Sunday, June 23 following the Sunday service at approximately 12:40pm for Janeane Reagan, member of UUCLC and former member of TriUU.

The memorial service will be available at this Zoom Link

Those attending live at the congregation will have a chance to share memories as part of the service.  Sharing will not be available to those attending on Zoom.

The family invites those attending at UUCLC to remain following the service for a reception in the fellowship hall. 

Memorial donations may be made to the Marion Therapeutic Riding Association 6850 SE 41st Ct, Ocala, FL 34480, the Leesburg Humane Society 41250 Emeralda Island Rd, Leesburg, FL 34788, or the Trout Lake Nature Center 520 E County Road 44, Eustis, FL 32736.

Buddhist Meditation sessions.

Meditation is scheduled to take place in person on the fourth Friday of each month, at Tri-UU  Upcoming session is planned for June 28 at 6:00 pm.

Bagel Shop

Next Bagel Brunch,  June 23rd

Bagels for Brunch are available on the fourth Sunday of each month after service.  Converse with friends and congregants over coffee or tea while you have bagels and other delicious refreshments.  Discover something you didn’t know about someone.  Discover something you didn’t know about Tri-UU.


To briefly recap, the Fellowship LLC was established 20 years ago by active members of the UU Fellowship to create a bond to fund the construction of our lovely building.  The bond effectively serves the purpose of a mortgage.  About 10 years are remaining on the bond.  The current rate is 4.5% interest.  Over the years, most of the original members of the LLC passed away and their shares were divided among their heirs.  The heirs live all over the country and their inherited shares were divided into smaller parts, often fractions.  This has made the management of the LLC practically impossible.

Tri UU members stepped up in a big way to Bring the Mortgage Home.  When we started this campaign, 2 weeks ago, only 3 members of the Fellowship, LLC, were active members of the Tri UU Fellowship.  As of today, there are 10 members of the Fellowship, LLC who are active members of the Congregation.   Active members now own a little of half of the shares.  More shares are changing hands every day as the mail carrier delivers more of the Buyer's signed signatures of sale.  WE ARE GOING AFTER ALL OF THEM.  Call Barbara Woodson at 352-208-6742 and tell her, "I'm in!"  You will get a signed Certificate Ownership in the LLC, a lovely purple ribbon for your badge and a shiny halo.  You will also receive a check $$$ every quarter. 





If you or someone you know in our congregation needs temporary support with rides, meals, errands, or visits, please contact Nancy Garrison or Rev. Cynthia.

Farmworker Association of Florida

1264 Apopka Blvd.

Apopka, FL 32703

December 2023, Tri UU’s Fifth Sunday special collection was to support the Farmworker Association.  Their goals include ensuring that farmworkers have basic rights including water and breaks for the long hours they work daily in the fields to plant and pick the vegetables and fruits that we get at the markets.  On May 14 this year on Rt. 40, west of Ocala, a man driving a pick-up truck hit a bus carrying farmworkers on their way to a farm in Dunnellon.  These workers had work visas.  Eight died, and eight more were seriously injured and hospitalized.  Their co-workers on the bus with them were traumatized by the accident.  Association employees and volunteers have assisted in contacting families in Mexico, providing clothing, hygiene products, access to counseling, and confirming other needs were met.

If you able to assist financially, please do so by donating to the organization’s above address or going to their website which has a link to the GOFUNDME account for these workers.  We benefit from their presence in Florida and do appreciate the organization’s work with the farmworkers.

Thank you

Joyce Mills and others on the Social Justice Team

Ship Staircase_edited.jpg



Three Tri-UUers are taking a Princess Cruise out of New York on September 14 to September 21, 2024 to enjoy the Fall foliage.  The cruise makes stops at Newport, Boston, Sydney, Halifax before chugging back into New York.  If you are in the mood for a Fall getaway with Diane Carlin, Barbara Woodson and Linda Taylor, call Barbara Woodson at 352-208-6742  for more information.  Call Destination Travel, run by Sheri Mruz and her daughter-in-law, Katie in Ocala at 352-421-5018.  

Breast Cancer Thrivers' Support Group

The Zoom meeting of the Breast Cancer Thrivers' support group is on the first Saturday of the month as needed. For information contact Nancy Garrison

Tri-UU Women's Group Women for Women.jpg

Tri-UU Women's Group

"Women for Women" meets on the third Saturday of each month at 2:30 pm. For more information contact Nancy Garrison

Food Drive_edited.jpg

In the heart of the sanctuary, baskets await,
Filled with kindness, compassion, and faith.
A drive for the hungry, a call to the kind,
To bring forth the harvest of humankind.

Gift cards, donations, all tokens of care,
To Linda or Phil, hands generous and fair.
Each dollar, each blanket, a lifeline so sweet,
For those in the forest, or without food to eat.

So thank you, dear givers, for heeding the call,
Your compassion wraps the needy in a warm shawl.
Together we stand, a community so bright,
Turning darkness to dawn, with every mite.

Unitarian Universalist General Assembly

Please watch the video and consider joining the 2024 Virtual GA.  For more information about what is coming up: All about General Assembly

Looking to connect with Rev. Cynthia?

Rev. Cynthia Snavely

Sundays,  9:00 am, 
Sunday Service.

Mondays, noon

Munch with the minister

My usual day off is Saturday.  Do not fear.  I rearrange my schedule for weddings, memorial services, and congregational events.

Rev. Cynthia Snavely

Interim Minister,

Tri-County Unitarian Universalists

240-475-2111 (voice or text)

Train of Thought  Rev. Cynthia Snavely

As you have found your minister, I have now found my next congregation.  I will be serving the UU Congregation of Somerset Hills in Somerville, NJ as their ¾ time contract minister.

My daughter Shraé and my three youngest grandsons moved to Aberdeen, MD at the end of May once school ended.  My daughter’s due date is July 12, but she hopes that Maya Camille might come a little bit early as Dad’s birthday is July 4. 

My oldest grandson will be moving to New Jersey with me.  We will be about two and a half hours from Aberdeen so we will see the rest of the family often. 

As I begin my last two months with you, I think of all you have done as a congregation in the transition between Rev. Janet Onnie and incoming minister Rev. Kristina Spaude. 

You survived as a congregation through a worldwide pandemic.  That is something that many other congregations were not able to do. 

Your Transition Team helped you look at your history and at leadership concerns.

When you realized you could not afford a full-time minister on your own you reached out to the UU Congregation of Lake County and began the process of sharing a minister and going into a ministerial search with them.

You changed your service time in order to have the minister live on Sundays and not often pre-recorded. 

You have been in an intentional transition period, but truly all life as a congregation and as individuals is a series of transitions. If we aren’t changing, we are not growing.  American poet, activist and educator Nikki Giovanni says, “A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you're in and take advantage of it.”  May you find the advantages as you continue to change and grow.


Blessings, Cynthia

New Member Bios

We were very happy to welcome 3 new members today.  Read their bios here.

Click HERE for your Current Board of Trustees

Click HERE for Minutes from the 2023 Annual Meeting


Click HERE for the minutes of February 2024

Board of Trustees meeting


Click HERE for the text of select recent sermons. 

Click HERE for our Facebook page for videos of recent services.

Click HERE for our updated Congregation History

Click HERE for new Member Bios

Book Club Logo

The Tri-UU BOOK CLUB meets at 1:00 via Zoom, Monthly, Contact Nancy Garrison  for the link!

For dates and details check the 2024-2025 Book Club Schedule

June 9, 9:00 am 

Dee Collier

Lizzy Jane

​“Lizzy Jane—This character is a compilation of women living in the late 1800s in Marion County following the Second Seminole War.  She exemplifies the pioneer spirit prevalent at this time with the cow hunters, the town’s people during the fire of 1883, and those who faced economic boom and bust, just as well as everyday life.”

Dee Collier is a 3rd generation native Floridian who married her high school sweetheart, Daryl Collier, a CPA in Ocala.

After graduating from FSU, she taught elementary school for several years. Her love for history and drama has led her to do first-person historical characterizations of famous (and infamous) women in history. Dee has already done 62 of these presentations this year (as of May) Civic and social groups, libraries, learning centers, and church groups often ask her back every year.

Munch with the Minister on Mondays at 12 noon will be held online and in person in the conference room at TriUU.  

march bday.jpg

05/29   Marguerite (peg) Tackett

06/01    Karen Knight

06/01    Joyce MacMullen

06/05    Pamela Leavy

06/06    Bill Welner

06/07    Roger Cooper

06/07    Myra Symons

06/12    Karen Klisch

06/14    Carole Taylor

06/16    Marcia Slosser

06/22    H. Charles Stanley

06/23    Nancy Garrison

06/25    Diana Bishop

06/26    Jim Leavy

The Need for More Free-World Pen Pals for People Who Are Incarcerated


Did you see the article about the Church of the Larger Fellowship’s pen pal program in the last issue of our denominational magazine, The UU World?  If not the link to it is at Worthy Now: A Spiritual Community for Incarcerated UUs | UU World Magazine.


Rev. Snavely holds her membership with the Church of the Larger Fellowship and is one of the free world pen pals.  The person to whom she writes knows little about Unitarian Universalism and is open to all kinds of religious and spiritual opportunities.


As a current pen pal, Rev. Snavely recently received an email encouraging her to help find more pen pals.  The email said in part, “I'm hoping you will show this article to your UU friends and colleagues.  We need your help to recruit more free-world pen pals.  Currently, there are 138 incarcerated members on our pen pal waiting list, but we have no free-world UUs to connect them to.  The average amount of time on the waiting list is 6-7 months! Please circulate this pen pal application link: “


This is a ministry you can do from home.  Talk to Rev. Snavely if you would like to know more about her experience. 

Help Wanted For Communications

Great news

Last week we met as a team for the first time and we are very excited about communications. We have gotten some volunteers and now we would like backups.  Let us know if you have skills in Microsoft Word, or if you can take a video.  We are looking for people who would like to help.    All training provided. Contact Myra Symons or Lenore Mickelson

Maintain contacts in Constant Contact. Still needed.

Give Constant Contact stats to the Board once a month.

Send OOS and Timetable emails once a week from Constant Contact.

Send other emails as needed from Constant Contact.

All Training provided, 

Contact Karen Gammons

UU Academics Condemn Violent Repression of Student Movements

Unitarian Universalists Speak Out on

Israel and Gaza


The Unitarian Universalist Association has issued a statement condemning the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza and urges a ceasefire. Please take a moment to read the full statement of the UUA and an accompanying statement from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

Gaza and Israel

Why We Cannot Turn Away: Resources for UUs Engaging Palestine & Israel | International Justice and Action |

Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East

Help with contacting your Congresspeople  URGENT: Stop genocide against Palestinians in Gaza (call now) - JVP (



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