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March 7, 2021 - 10:30 AM

"Some Sort of Something Somewhere" 

Rev. Janet Onnie

The theme for this month is Commitment.  To begin our exploration of what this means we will start with the assumption that everyone believes in something.  What we call that something and where it resides varies from individual to individual.  What sort of something do you believe in?  To what are you committed?

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Rev. Janet Onnie

Minister, Tri-County Unitarian Universalists

President, Florida Chapter UU Ministers Assn.


Living to Delight the Holy


Sunday, March 7:

10:30- “Some Sort of Something Somewhere”

Monday, March 8:

Moving Day - NO BRUNCH W/Minister

Tuesday, March 9:

Conversations w/congregants

Wednesday, March 10:

10:00- Program Council;

8:00- Mid-Week Musings

Thursday, March 11:

4:00- Conversations on Race

Friday, March 12:

Conversation w/congregants

Saturday, March 13:


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February, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting minutes

Click HERE for Rev. Janet Onnie's retirement notice.

Now that Rev. Onnie has announced her retirement date there's lots of questions about next steps.  The Tri-UU Board has appointed the following members to the Interim Search Committee (ISC) to go through the process of finding an Interim Minister: Tim McCusker, Tom Murphy, John Seitz, Joyce Mills, Helen Dohn, and Gail Newstein.  Click HERE for the Interim Search timeline.


Welcome New Members!

Frank Kelly was born in Massachusetts but grew up in Texas – auspicious beginnings for a life he’s lived in many different places, from Manila in the Philippines to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He and his wife Maria are now Villages residents, having lived together in Mexico, Brazil and South Florida prior to landing – hopefully permanently – with us.

Tri-UU is their first UU encounter, and they’ve both been very active Friends within the Tri-UU community for nearly three years.

In 2019, Frank led the team that developed our new website. He has served on the Worship Team and on the recent Visioning Task Force. When the pandemic hit us, he used his music and technology skills to create the first-ever Tri-UU Choir video. He has since produced nine such videos with us, and literally dozens of Sunday hymns with Donna Kagan.

Frank looks forward to continuing to support Tri-UU’s musical endeavors – even when this pandemic is behind us and we’re both IN church and online. He says that it’s these kinds of interactions with Tri-UU members that makes his quest for spiritual enlightenment come to life.


Maria Kelly was born in Brazil and has lived in the United States on and off since 1996.  Like most Brazilians, she was raised Catholic and considers herself a “Recovering Catholic”, although she had never been a “heavy user”.  After a long career in information technology, Maria embraced a second career in Translation, which she loves and keeps her very busy.  She’s also interested in history, books, arts and crafts and loves to go on relaxing trips to get a feel for different places, foods and people.  She is not sure if there is such a thing as a soul, but if there is, Frank is her soulmate.

Although now a new Member, Maria has been very supportive of Tri-UU these past three years.  She is currently a member of the Stewardship Team and manages accounts receivable for our congregation, which is a fancy name to say she’s the one who gets our checks.  She’s also part of the Crew, the AV team that makes it possible to see our services via Zoom.  Maria is facilitator of a Chalice Circle group which is a spin-off of a “Build Your Own Theology” class.  She looks forward to delving deeper into her spirituality and getting to know all of us better.


Charlene McGhee has lived in the DC area and now lives in Ocala.  Charlene (also known as Charli), is an explorer who takes risks!  While talking with her friends and neighbors, John and Jane Riffe last fall, she found out they were planning on attending a Zoom class to become Members of Tri-County Unitarian Universalists.  Unitarian-Universalists?  What’s that?  Rather than just listening to the Riffes explain about UU, Charli decided to join them in the class!  She had never attended a service, but what did she have to lose?

Fast forward a few months…Charli’s been attending services and some of the extra chats.  As she wrote, “I have yet to attend a Sunday service at TriUU that doesn’t move me – so I’m in!  And, everyone seems to be so inclusive – I feel welcomed and included.”  Charli is not sure what she’s interested in, but she’s excited to be discovering and trying new things.


Sarah Reagan grew up in Mississippi but spent most of her adult life in Northern Virginia.  She lived in Arlington for twenty years and in the DC metropolitan area for 42 years.

Breast Cancer Thrivers' Support Group

The Zoom meeting of the Breast Cancer Thrivers' support group will be on the first Saturday every month at 2:00 pm.

For information contact Nancy Garrison

Fun and Fellowship Walk

Come Take a Walk with Us




Friday, 3/12/21, at 3:30 pm


Follow the Fenney Nature Springs Trail, along a spring-fed stream, boardwalk and paved trail. Approximately 2 miles. Join hosts Andy and Hilda Lucas, Tri UU members and friends.  Meet at the Fenney Grill Parking Lot, 3210 Fenney Way, The Villages. Outdoor dining available at the Fenney Grill following.  FMI call 413 961 9316.

Racial Wealth Gap

Have you faced economic challenges or benefits because of your race? Cassandra Brown and Mae Hazelton will present a 90-minute interactive learning experience about living in the racial wealth gap. Participants will be divided into breakout groups and guided by facilitators.


This eye-opening presentation will occur online on Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 7 p.m.  Hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake County, Living in the Racial Wealth Gap is the final part in a three part series on racism in Lake County.   Click HERE for the flyer.  To register, click HERE.  Then, please look for an email with the link to use on March 14, 2021.

Trust and Pledging

by Joyce Axelson

When I became a member of TriUU I made a commitment to share my talent, time, and treasure.  And, with that commitment I trust that this congregation will continue to grow, thrive and serve its members, the community, and even far reaching into the world.

I trust that the members and friends of this community who are trusted Stewards are using all resources wisely.


Thank you to each of you who have Pledged to this point in our 2021-2022 Pledge.  We still have time to reach our goal of $150,000.00.  WOW we have added $3000.00 over this past week and are currently at $122,000.00.

These monies go towards sustaining our Building and Grounds, salaries of Minister and Music Director, and other expenses.  In addition to funding our programs for each of you. We invite you to review and renew your personal commitment as a member/friend of TriUU and practice generosity by Pledging Today.

Send In Your 3 Best Nature Photos!

Do you like to take photos of the wonderful nature that surrounds us?  If so, consider taking some special nature photos. They might be used as slides that appear before each Sunday service.

To submit up to three photographs, please email them to Joyce Axelson at They may appear, without captions, at the sole discretion of the Tech Team during the Sunday services.

Get out there and start shooting or go through your saved nature photos to send your three best shots!


    3    Janet Onnie

    3    Joyce Axelson

    4    Terri Ferber

    4    Desi Clark

    5    Bob Bargar

    6    Larry Dohn

    8    Jan Droegkamp

    8    Dan Wolfe

  10    Carole Jackson

  15    Maryanne Ellner

  15    Bill Coburn

  15    Rita Muller

  23    Jake Bishop

  28    Frederick Lorch

The Tri-UU BOOK CLUB meets at 1:00 via Zoom

Contact Cindy Grossman

For dates and details check the schedule HERE


Have you considered learning more about The Climate Action Team (CAT), or possibly joining us? You have a standing invitation to participate in the monthly meetings on the first Friday of every month from 12:30 to 2:00.  Contact Margaret Wineman ( before the meeting, and she’ll answer your questions and share the agenda and other information about our team and zoom meetings.


Downtown Project

Thanks to all who have contributed toiletries, blankets, clothes, Plarn sleeping mats, and flashlights for the homeless. Amazon orders mailed to Becky Love’s address has worked out well except we don’t know who ordered them. We would like to thank you so let us know when you order items. After Social Justice Meeting on 1/19, suggestion was made to drop off recently donated Mylar blankets to the Emergency Interfaith facility so homeless can use them during the colder weather. Interfaith Emergency Services in Ocala provides a full range of services and assistance for people of Marion County. They provide food and hygiene items to the homeless as often as possible. Therefore, due to COVID they are willing to distribute the items that we currently have in the closet at Tri-UU. We hope that you will continue to donate items as the need continues.  Please order from Amazon or drop purchased items off at Becky Love’s residence 412 Quail Street, Lady Lake, FL 32159 Phone 951-452-1542

Inventory of Homeless Supplies

The following is a list of items we are going to give to Interfaith Emergency Services for the homeless. Anyone who would like to continue contributing can choose any of the following items.


  • 2 plarn sleeping Mats

  • 100 rolls of toilet tissue

  • 50 pairs of white socks

  • 100 razors

  • 6 small blankets

  • Female products

  • 100 bars of soap

  • 70 emergency Mylar blankets

  • 150 combs

  • 50 shampoo and 50 conditioner

  • 150 combs

  • 150 small deodorant

  • 30 toothbrushes

  • 30 toothpastes

  • 100 body lotion

  • 100 shaving kits




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