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Sunday April 5 2020



“What’s the Buzz”

Rev. Janet Onnie - Every time we hear a story, we judge it — can this be true?  Let’s explore two stories:  the old story about Jesus’s entrance into Jerusalem and the new story about the global pandemic.



All Tri-UU gatherings for the foreseeable future will be held online via the video-conferencing platform, Zoom.  You were sent instructions on how to install Zoom on one (or all) of your devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and/or iPhone).  If you need help please contact one of the Tri-UU tech team noted in those instructions.

Rev. Janet Onnie

Minister, Tri-County Unitarian Universalists

President, Florida Chapter UU Ministers Assn.


Living to Delight the Holy


Sunday, April 5: 10:30- “What’s the Buzz” 

Monday, April 6:

10:00- Tri-UU Chat

11:00- Intern Mtg

4:00- Tri-UU Chat 

Tuesday, April 7:

10:00- Tri-UU Chat 

11:30- Interfaith;

4:00- Tri-UU Chat 

Wednesday, April 8: 10:00- Tri-UU Chat ;

10:00- Program Council; 4:00- Tri-UU Chat

5:00- Forum-End of Life Doulas ZOOM LINK 

Thursday, April 9: 

10:00- Tri-UU Chat

3:00- Mtg /Colleagues; 

4:00- Tri-UU Chat 

Friday, April 10: 

10:00- Tri-UU Chat  

4:00- Tri-UU Chat 

Saturday, April 11:  

Day Off/Sabbath/Writing


Please Help U$

Reasonable people will shortly begin to ask themselves the following question: If there is no one at Tri-UU on Sunday to receive my contribution, will it make a noise if I put a check in the mail?”

If that was not EXACTLY the question you would ask, please be aware that, yes, Tri-UU would very much appreciate the receipt of your contribution. You can mail your checks to: Tri-UU P.O. Box 829 Summerfield, Fl. 34492

We are researching the efficacy of direct (electronic) checks, payments from Pay-Pal accounts, credit card payments, and other ways to transfer funds. We are sure you are aware that by doing electronic transfers the recipient does not receive the full face value of the contribution. So our suggestion is that you divide your annual pledge amount by 12, and every month that the Covid 19 crisis keeps us from physically gathering, mail one check for that amount to Tri-UU at the address above.

The 2020 SUUSI catalog is now live! 



The movie below is suggested to you on behalf of the Social Justice Climate Action Team (CAT) and previewed for you by Ellen Thompson. They are related to nature, climate change, and depletion of world resources. Each one speaks to a different aspect of the climate crisis. The Coronavirus has created it’s stresses and challenges, but also its opportunities. We on the CAT thought this might be a good opportunity to watch some good movies about the climate. We’ll post movies for you each week.


"Beak and Brain: Genius Birds from Down Under" (2013; 52 minutes). This delightful Netflix movie is about the adaptability of Keas and crows.  Crows have sophisticated problem-solving skills and are able to make and use tools. Climate change is presenting new challenges for them.

Stuck at Home?

Need a Prescription?

Need Food?

Who you gonna call?




If you are self-isolating or are ill and need someone to pick up something for you, Tri-UU is assembling a team of people who feel well and want to help.

Jim Mullen is the person coordinating this delivery service between people who need help and those willing and able to provide that help.  Just contact him at 352-633-1643 or via email at  








Donations for food for our local community needs.

Food can be brought to TRI UU if you are in the area and have with a key. Put your contribution in the wagon just inside the Chalice Room door, on the right.  

Other agencies in desperate need include the following.


Checks can be sent to:


Community of Gratitude, Inc.

PO Box 2021

Ocklawaha, FL 32183


Interfaith Emergency Services, Inc.

435 NW 2nd Street

Ocala, FL 34471


Domestic Violence Shelter

PO Box 2193

Ocala, FL 34478


Thank you for sharing your donations.


Joyce Mills, Chairperson, Social Justice Committee



Tri-UU's ministerial intern committee is soliciting donations for our "Intern Gift." We hope to send Joe to General Assembly in Providence in June and would like to also present him with a goodbye gift substantial enough to make a small dent in his 3 years of seminary education loans. Steve Burt told his blue blazer story on March 1 and kicked off the campaign by depositing his personal $100 check into "The Suitcase" (our cardboard prop) to get the ball rolling. Your checks and cash are tax deductible and should be made out to "Tri-UU") and earmarked "internship program so you can get credit.Please mail to TriUU. Thanks for your generosity.



2            Helen Kelly

8            Connie Haverkamp

9            Judi Bessette

10          Lorraine Connors

12          Kevin Brown

14          Claire Hunter

14          Carole Clarke

24          Linda Thomas

25          Karen Henkel-Reeves

28          Oscar Small


March 29, 2020


Call to order at 11:35 pm by Marjorie Rhem, President

Quorum Established:  An oral roll call of members present was made by Jan Droegkamp and Helene Kirschbaum. They certified that a quorum was present.

Chalice Lighting:  Rev. Janet Onnie

President’s Comments: Marjorie began the meeting with introductory remarks and explained the urgent need for this virtual meeting to approve the proposed FY2020 Annual Budget. She asked the participants for their patience and understanding. Because this is not the official Annual Meeting which had been scheduled for this date, and in the interests of being flexible and bending to the demands of a “shelter in place” environment, Robert’s Rules of Order were suspended. When we are able to meet again in the church as a congregation, we will hold our Annual Meeting and ratify our actions today. At that time, we will take up additional agenda items that need to be addressed.

Roll Call Vote on Proposed FY2020 Budget: The Proposed Budget was emailed to all members of the congregation prior to this meeting for their review. Any questions or comments were to be directed to Jake Bishop, Treasurer, before the meeting. Jan Droegkamp polled each member present and the Budget was approved with a Yea vote of 75, 1 No vote, and 1 Abstain.

President’s Closing Remarks:  Marjorie expressed her appreciation to the member participants for their support. She urged us all to connect with each other in virtual chat rooms, such as our daily Zoom Chats, and looks forward to the day when we can all be together in a healthy environment.

Chalice Extinguishing:  Rev. Janet Onnie

Adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Jackson


Since we are all home and have some time available, write your brief 1 page bio and send with a picture to Helen Dohn. If you would prefer, give her a call, text, or email and request a time to have your bio for Tri UU written for you.

These will be added to the Book in the Chancel
Room for all to enjoy. We can connect now and it will help us to get to know each other even better as we gather together in the future.

Tri-UU Book Club

For the latest news on the books we're reading and discussing, click here.

The  CAT* Box

*Climate Action Team

CAT Zoom Meeting

Time: Friday, Apr 3, 2020 12:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for a greener planet! You will find a suggestion box in the lobby!

What’s in your bottle?


Microplastics are plastic fragments less than 5mm in length that pollute our environment. Bottled water is one of the biggest sources of ingested microplastics! If people are relying on water from bottled sources only, they can ingest about 90,000 microplastic particles per that to tap water and they would only ingest about 4,000 of such particles a year.


This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate


by Naomi Klein 

You’re invited to a book discussion on Friday May 15 from 12 noon to 2:00 pm.

Home-Made Laundry Detergent

Interested in making your own Laundry Detergent? 

Click HERE for directions. 



We visited downtown Ocala on Sunday and gave out lots of Toiletries.  Much appreciation from homeless were shown to us, especially a few that expressed they had found jobs and are working toward getting off the streets. Toiletries are expensive and so its something that they have a hard time affording.  We also gave out lots of socks thanks to donation from church members Marcia Slosser and Sandy Ogletree.  We also gave out the sleeping Mats and clothes that were generously donated by church members. 

What we are out of:  We are out of washcloths, socks, small flashlights and small shaving creams.  Thank you all.


































Our friends in the Dallas community need rides for mothers and children to medical appointments.   Please add your name to the list of drivers.  For more information contact Jim Mullen (352-633-1643) or Carole Clarke (703-434-2426).  Gracias.



January - March 2020


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March 15           Joan Sheppard      Maria Kelly

March 22           Beth Farris            Carole Jaklic

March 29           Carole Clark          Terri Ferber

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