Are you "nonreligious" but curious about your spirituality?

Religious, but haven't found a church that fits your beliefs?

Searching for a church that welcomes you for who you are?

Missing the friendship, culture, and community a congregation can provide?



              Human beings are social creatures, and the Tri-UU people are more social than most.  As we maintain physical distance from each other we are learning that there are other ways to be in community.  Thanks to video-conferencing technology we can hear and see each other if we simply click on a Zoom link. 


              We have on ongoing chat room on Zoom for anyone who wants to join in.  Tri-UU is known for the warmth and inclusiveness of the congregation.  We don’t want to lose that reputation.  The Covid-19 virus has handed us a lemon.  We can suck on it til our faces pucker.  Or we can add a little sweetness and make lemonade.  It’s up to us.


              The chart below shows you the day/date to access each link (key) into a room.  The room is open to chat Monday-Saturday at 10:00 AM and Monday - Friday at 4:00 PM.  All you have to do is click on the link in red below. 


              Invite your friends and neighbors to join us.  Let’s make some lemonade!  -- Rev. Janet


Day/Date                           Zoom Link


Monday, August 3 - Saturday, August 8               10:00 AM          ZOOM LINK


Monday, August 3  - Friday, August 7                     4:00  PM         ZOOM LINK

Wednesday Vespers, August 5                            8:00 PM         ZOOM LINK


Here are special topical weekly chats as we go forward. Use the links above to join.

Monday 10:00  Brunch with Minster (Joe Donatone)

Tuesday 4:00  In the News (Jan Droegkamp) 

Wednesday 4:00 Let's Play Bingo 

Thursday 4:00  On Race 

Wednesday 8:00  Vespers

Friday 4:00 Chattercise


All events at the church building have been cancelled for now. If you are on a team or in a group that has meetings scheduled, please contact your group leader for up to date information.

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