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Are you "nonreligious" but curious about your spirituality?
Religious, but haven't found a church that fits your beliefs?
Searching for a church that welcomes you for who you are?
Missing the friendship, culture, and community a congregation can provide?

About Tri-UU

The Tri-County Unitarian Universalists (Tri-UU) congregation was formed in 1982 with the goal of supporting and loving each other in the pursuit of spiritual growth and social justice.

Sundays at Tri-UU

Join us for services Sunday in our Chalice Room:

Service in person and on Zoom 

9:00 am - 10:15 am

Every day at Tri-UU

Social justice activities, book clubs, discussion groups, meditation, potluck dinners, workshops, and more.

" To learn more about Unitarian Universalism please view this short video. You are also welcome to explore our website, there's much to learn."


The Essence of Tri-UU

Seeking individual spiritual growth


Acting for social justice

Building friendship and community

Welcoming diversity 

Hear What Our Members Say

This is a picture of the lovely Ivett Garza
Ivett -
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TriUU Weekly and Monthly Programs


              Invite your friends and neighbors to join us. 

Weekly Events.


Day/Date                                                                                                            Time                                 Zoom Link


Monday Open Discussion with the Minister in person and online               12-noon                         ZOOM LINK 


Tuesday Open Discussion of Current News                                                  4:00  pm                        ZOOM LINK

Monthly Events

Second Friday Monthly forum                                                                          4:00 pm   Starts back in September                  

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