Cottage Connections

This group meets to collect ideas about how to increase membership and income for our congregation.

TriUU Cottage Connections Virtual Meeting - August 4, 2022


Present:  Andrea Coburn, Helen Dohn, Nancy Garrison, Cindy Grossman, Kim Hummel, Janeane from Eustis, Diane Carlin, Joyce Mills, Gail Newstein, Jeremy Slosser, Cynthia Snavely, Barbara Woodson


This is the third in a series of meetings and the next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 21st at 1:00.  A link for the meeting is available by texting Helen Dohn.


The following progress reports were shared:


Helen continues to explore Faithifly, Chalice Lighter Grant, Go Fund Me in relation to ADA lift and Hard of Hearing needs.  Roger C continues auto encourage the sharing of our principles in poem or prose in media. Jolyn J is looking into coexist car signs and other messages.Cindy ‘g and chuck W are linking to villages discussion groups. Cynthia S is pursuing future dinners, ides for trivia, games, monthly forum speakers.

Gail N is looking intoforalizinpg the building rental donation schedule. Eileen M and Maryann E. Are continuing Baskets for Bucks.  Erin Woodsome is following up on supplemental pledges.


Cindy G. and Gail N. have agreed to be curators of the LITTLE FREE LIBRARY.  Linda Starkweather will be building the structure and John Seitz will install it. The Book Club is supporting this effort.  Erin Woodsome has suggested an ice cream social to celebrate its installation event. The Library will be on the Nation Registry of LFL.  There are future proposals to consider expanding this project to link with one in the Royal community and to create one in the Dallas neighborhood. 


Joyce M. Asked for clarification as to Cottage Connection’s relation to the Transition Team. Cindy G noted that the latter explores who we are at Triuu. Helen D. Noted that this is a separate group that is brainstorming and exploring avenues to enhance membership, media connections, and explore money issues.  It is not meant to conflict or duplicate the efforts of any existing Teams.


Cynthia S. Reported that the Black Lives Matter and Side with Love signs are back up.

She reported on the Wisdom of Aging class and confirmed that we have permission from Christine Dance  to use this and that application has been made to the Villages Enrichment Academy for inclusion in their curriculum offering.  The objective is to use this as outreach and make this available to potential new members of TriUU.


Diane C. asked for  clarification of finances.  It was suggested that she contact the finance committee or the Board as that is not the purview  of this group.  Details are available in Finance and Board minutes.  Clearly, it is concern over finances and growth that have directed Cottage Connections' focus at the moment.


There was extensive conversation about potential fundraising activities:


1.      Virtual Auction is being  pursued by Helen Dohn. Several items are potentially being offered.


2.     Rummage Sale:  timing is being discussed( Feb versus Fall)( Inside or outside)( masked or unmasked). Nancy G. And Joyce M have agreed to coordinate this project.  The safety team will be consulted.  The 2020 Rummage sale netted $3500. Several people have offered to help (Maryann Elner, Carol Jackson, Orvilla Sheller, and Ivette Garza)


3.     Cindy G emphasized the importance of “relationship” in all we do.  Examples of this would be Forum Potlucks, Wisdom of Aging class, etc.


4.     Barbara W suggested a “Big Raffle” like a cruise, golf cart, etc.  She will pursue this.