and the Children who are NEEDY OR HOMELESS

Each year the Tri-UU Social Justice Team invites the congregation to brighten the winter holidays for children whose families are not in a position to get gifts for them.  This year, we have lists for two groups, one list for Dallas children and a second list for needy and homeless Marion County children.  

In the foyer at Tri-UU, there are two giving trees, one for the Dallas children and one for the Marion County children. The families at Dallas have provided Carole Clarke with the names, sizes, and requests for their children.  Select a name from the Dallas tree and have fun finding a gift for that child. 

Our other Angel Tree is for needy and homeless children in Marion County schools.  Working with school counselors, Joyce Mills has compiled a list of specific needy children in the schools. When possible, she has included details of sizes and desires for these children.  Otherwise, a generic gift for a middle school or high school-age child would be greatly appreciated.   Select a gift from this tree to bring joy to a Marion County child.  

We understand that some congregants might not be ready to come to the Tri-UU building and so would not be able to take a tag from the giving trees that are in the Tri-UU foyer.   If that is the case for you, you can still participate in this holiday project.   You will find a link on both the Tri-UU website and in the Time Table, that Dan Wolfe has set up with lists of additional Dallas and Marion County children that are hoping for a gift. LINK


Taking precautions about Covid, we will move the trees outside during services.   In any case, please maintain social distancing when choosing a tag off of the trees, 

If you prefer to order a gift through the internet from a place like Amazon or Walmart, you can have that gift sent directly to the home of Dan and Marcia Wolfe (address below).  In that case, please advise Dan that you ordered a mail-order package for a specific child so he’s aware that it’s coming and can follow up with you if he doesn’t receive it.

Some gift tags have multiple wishes, please don’t feel obligated to get everything that is listed. PLEASE DO NOT WRAP GIFTS.  We want the parents to wrap the gifts.  You can drop off the gifts at Tri-UU or you can order them online and have them delivered to Dan or Marcia Wolfe (address below).  If you do drop gifts off at Tri-UU, it is important that you notify either:

Carole (703-434-2426) or Joyce (352-895-0526) when you do that, so we can retrieve them.

In all cases, whether you are leaving your gift at the Tri-UU building or ordering them online,  please always include both your name and the name of the child recipient and their group with their gift.   Example:  gift for Maria Zapato (Dallas) from Bill Jones or gift for Bob Smith (Marion Co) from Bill Jones.  This will help us get them to the appropriate person for delivery. 

If you prefer not to shop but want to give, there are different ways you can still bring joy to a child.  Carole or Joyce would be glad to do the shopping for you.  If so, please send a check to Joyce, and either she or Carole will buy your child’s gift.  If you like, you could buy a gift card for your child.  Walmart gift cards would be appreciated since the parents are accustomed to shopping at Walmart. 

Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of those who need us.  We hope you will find joy in shopping for the holiday when you’re out and about the town. 

Joyce Mills: PO Box 2762, Ocala FL 34478

Dan and Marcia Wolf: 
974 Tarrson Blvd, Lady Lake FL 32159, 973-219-5085

Carole Clarke      703-434-2426